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Vatavaran is an environment friendly company that wants to reduce the carbon footprint in the society and hence, partnered with Nutech and Perfect to offer Energy saving solutions for residential, industrial and commercial purposes to reduce the percentage of carbon footprint.

Let’s connect to understand how these fans can help you reduce the carbon and help make a better world to live in.

Few Reasons Why People Choosing Us!

We understand the importance of delivering the right product that can work towards the pain areas of the customers. Some of the key areas which contribute to our progress are as under:

Trusted Service
Explore Vatavaran's trusted service for reliable, ethical, and customer-focused solutions that prioritize your satisfaction and environmental well-being.
Reasonable Price
Vatavaran offers Reasonable Prices on its items ensuring eco-friendly solutions without compromising on quality or environmental sustainability.
24/7 Supports
Vatavaran provides 24/7 Support for around-the-clock assistance, ensuring your environmental needs are met anytime, anywhere.

Our Products


Airius Destratification fans should be considered as an important addition to your new or existing Air Conditioning systems. We offer multiple control options including variable speed or wireless control for use by staff or building automation platforms.

Eco Jet

EcoJet’s patent-protected, revolutionary break through has brought the cost of climate control down to earth. The EcoJet does what other evaporative technologies only promise to do! You have to try one today to know the difference!


High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans is perfect for creating wind speeds & air movement in your warehouses. HVLS fans have up to 3 times the coverage & as compared to most other fans on the market & are Certified for Safety by Intertek (USA) for MD, LVD & EMC.

Hybrid Thermal Solar Panels

The Perfect Thermal Hybrid air conditioning system is a renewable energy method of adding pressure and heat to the refrigeration cycle which results in a decreased/displaced compressor workload, saving energy.


Recognizing the need for a visually appealing high-performance ceiling fan, a team of experienced air movement professionals created Axiom Fans. Industrial strength and commercial appeal blend to create a remarkable ceiling fan.

Altra Air

Altra Airfoils are engineered to extend the life of your fan by preventing blade vibration that results in efficient operation and energy usage. Altra airfoil angles are 3x higher then competitive models producing larger areas of coverage.