Introducing an upgrade to regular EcoJet Fans

Park it in a corner or hang it from a ceiling or on a wall … Simply connect tap water,
& instantly see the temperature reduce by 15°C - 20°C for only ₹ 3 per hour !
A Complete Range of EcoJet fans

Floor Standing Tower EcoJet Fan

Wall Mounted EcoJet Fan

Table Top EcoJet Fan

Eco Jet: Transforming Cooling Efficiency

Introducing Eco Jet, the pinnacle of eco-friendly mist fan. Designed to maximize cooling efficiency while minimizing energy consumption, Eco Jet is your answer to a sustainable and comfortable environment.

EcoJet’s patent-protected, revolutionary break through has brought the cost of climate control down to earth. The EcoJet does what other evaporative technologies only promise to do!

Stay Cool, Feel Better & Save Money!

No high pressure pumps or lines are required and no special electrical wiring is needed. The mist is so fine that it will not wet your hair or glasses. No puddles, no leaks, no dripping on the floor. This US patent-protected evaporative mechanism (CFBM), with its efficient and powerful electric motors and proprietary fan blades, creates the most economical and attractive cooling solution since the invention of the air conditioner. The EcoJet offers fixed installation units and a matching line of portable devices, using their sleek Tower-Pedestal reservoir, or their Low-Rider rolling reservoirs.

You have to try one today to know the difference!

Eco Jet – Hydrates the Air

The EcoJet Climate devices will cool any environment that is hot, dry and uncomfortable. The hotter and dryer it is, the better the EcoJet works. People and animals feel better, work better and perform better in an optimal climate.

In open or closed facilities, where the heat is intense and worker or animal safety and comfort are paramount, our equipment is the lowest-cost, best performing solution. The EcoJet devices are the most efficient and fast-acting humidifiers ever created. They hydrate the air, while removing particles, pollen, mildew and other allergens, much like a spring rain. The EcoJet moves the air better than simple ducting.

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