Alite: Air Decor

Our Air circulation solutions are designed to save energy, reduce costs, and contribute to a greener and brighter future for all. Alite is our commitment to sustainability.

Benefits of Alite 3 HVLS Fans

This simple high volume low speed fan design, ideal for industrial settings, provides necessary air movement, Operating on a 0.75 kW (1 Hp) gear motor, minimal power consumption is combined with impressive air volumes to create the highly efficient Alite 3.

This cost-effective alternative to traditional high volume low speed fans provides:

Impressive efficiency is possible by this 3-bladed design that minimizes weight while providing continuous air movement throughout the area of influence. Our unique blade design outperforms all conventional airfoils. They accomplish this by:

Advantages of Alite 3 HVLS Fans

Technical Specifications


The safety clips prevent the hub and blade assembly from separating or coming off even in the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure of the hub or drive system.

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