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Airius Fans - Standard Series

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Airius – A Perfect Destratification Solution

Airius Destratification fans should be considered as an important addition to your new or existing Air Conditioning systems. Vatavaran is a key distributor of Airius Fans in India that Designed to be installed as a stand-alone product, Airius fans will improve the performance of all types of Air Conditioning systems by moving the manufactured cool air they produce more efficiently throughout an interior space to balance temperatures which reduce energy costs, dramatically improve internal environments and even downgrade Air Conditioning equipment requirements.

Airius achieve these impressive results by moving chilled air slowly and methodically which eliminates cool air from collecting at low points at floor level and eradicates temperature differentials within all types of interior spaces such as offices, retail stores, manufacturing, warehouses and public buildings, schools and sports facilities etc.

Easy to fix and operate with no maintenance required, Airius fans can be installed into either suspended or open plan ceilings to blow a near silent slow moving column of air to the floor.

Save at least 50%
HVAC energy for double height Atriums

The Air Pear by Airius

Since its release in 2004, the Air Pear by Airius has been the go-to solution to combat thermal stratification in buildings around the world. Available in several models, the Air Pear is suitable for use in buildings with ceilings from 8 to 100 ft. and is available in off-white, grey, or black.

We offer multiple control options including variable speed or wireless control for use by staff or building automation platforms.

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