How do they work?

HVLS fans have always fascinated people (maybe not as much as when they see aeroplanes take off & fly) as to how these simple machines can move such large volumes of air.

Basic principle of Design? ... Imagine if the Aeroplane & a ceiling fan had a baby!

HVLS fans are basically ceiling fans. However the key difference is that while the residential fans are smaller in diameter, have insignificant blade angle & spin at extremely high and noisy speeds, the HVLS fans spin at very low rpms (revolutions per minute), have a much higher angle of attack (blade angle) and have extremely large diameters. Depending upon the model, the HVLS fans use a very high torque geared or gearless motor drives.

In essence, HVLS fans are large ceiling fans that move High Volumes of air & Low Speeds.
Aeroboost® HVLS fans distributes large quantum of air across very large area very effectively. As they move large air quantities across human beings, this air movement breaks up the moisture-saturated boundary layer surrounding the body and accelerates evaporation to produce a cooling effect.

The HVLS fan creates a large column of air which is roughly as wide as the diameter of the fan itself. As the air column is pushed downward to the floor by the slow-rotating blades, the air disperses evenly in every horizontal directions when it comes in contact with the floor creating a steady air flow. This efficient air circulation helps accelerate the evaporation of sweat from the skin to create the feeling of a cooler work environment.
Aeroboost® fans can help create a perceived 'feel' temperature drop of as much as 8°C!

Like an aircraft, the wings of the plane are designed to hit the air at a certain angle of attack' thus creating a certain level of 'lift' beneath the wings & the turbine engines provide the thrust to move the plane forward. Similarly, every HVLS fan are different as they have different blade designs, different angle of attack & a different turbine (Geared Motors) to drive the fans and overcome the Air Drag, there by pushing the air downwards & the volume of air (cfm) created by the respective models depends of a combination of all these factors.

It is also important to note that the performance of the fan vastly depends on its installed surroundings including factors like gap between the blades & ceiling, distance between blade tip & side walls & the distance between the blades & floor level. Therefore the same fan model will perform differently if any of the above factors are changed.

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